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Why Brossett?
Brossett Corp. is a hyperbaric & wound care management company that provides consultative services for a variety of healthcare settings.

Why Choose Brossett Corporation?

The Brossett Corporation has expanded and continues to work expeditiously to deliver tangible benefits to our hospital partners, participating physicians and their patients. We continue to refine and strengthen our core competencies in the management and operation of each Center on behalf of our host hospitals.

We offer:

  • A demonstrated track record of successful collaboration with community hospitals, major academic centers, and faith-based organizations
  • A National Support Center staffed by experienced wound care management, clinical, financial, marketing and information technology experts
  • Fees based solely on program success and performance
  • A dedication to creating the standards of care for limb preservation, wound healing and hyperbaric therapy
  • A specialized expertise in forming and supporting physician panels

Hospital Benefits:

  • Integrating a new clinical service into the hospital’s overall clinical continuum
  • Expanding the hospital’s diabetes, peripheral vascular and orthopedic programs
  • Generating new sources of ancillary revenue and new patients to the hospital’s sphere
  • Attracting new physicians to the medical staff
  • Reducing re-admissions and post surgical infection rates

Physician Benefits:

  • Improving clinical outcomes of complex patients
  • Receiving training and expertise in new clinical technologies
  • Participating with a multidisciplinary team
  • Accessing evolving new standards of care and practice
  • Increasing their patient base
  • Adding a new source of practice revenue
  • Providing greater patient satisfaction

Patient Benefits:

  • Easy access to comprehensive, high-quality clinical wound healing Improved outcomes
  • High level of customer service
  • Enhanced quality of life

Brossett Corporation is a true partner of the Hospital.

Our Wound Healing and Hyperbaric Programs are tailored to meet
the specific needs of each facility.

Brossett Corp requires NO management fee.

Our management team provides on-going education and oversight
to physicians and department staff in order to achieve maximum
revenue per visit.

Appropriateness of care is guaranteed. If the Hospital does not
receive payment on a hyperbaric treatment after all appeal avenues
have been exhausted, Brossett Corp will reimburse the facility for
the fee for service.

No layers of corporate bureaucracy. Our team is always available

On-site physician education and training.

Hospital Rooms
Satisfied patients
Qualified staff
Doctor Awwards
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Cindy Mefferd
Joint Commission Survey
Chief Quality and Patient Safety Officer

Joint Commission Survey

Thank you so much for your participation with the Joint Commission survey. You did a great job telling the surveyors about the work you do every day to care for our patients. The surveyor was very complimentary and noted the “Best Practices” in the Hyperbaric Unit! It is reassuring to know that we are working with such committed and dedicated staff.

Sincerley, Cindy Mefferd
Chief Quality and Patient Safety Officer

— Joint Commission Survey

Faces-400x400px-1_1_22 (Demo)

A month after Emmanuel injured her leg, the wound still had not healed. Her doctor referred her to the Wound Care and Hyperbaric Oxygen Center for wound care treatment.

Mr. Emmanuel says, “On my first visit they tested the oxygen levels in my leg and began treatment. After just one more visit, my wound healed. All I can say is that everyone was very kind and polite. They were very professional and did a good job. I got well.”

Faces-400x400px-1_1_31 (Demo)
Dade Murphy

I have come a long way…

Mr. Murphy was released from the hospital the week before Thanksgiving and then transferred to a rehabilitation center for 10 days where he continued the treatments. Now he is home and goes to HBO several times a week. He says, “The care I receive at HBO has been excellent. They treat me very well. I was a little anxious when I first began the treatments but they have made it painless. I have come a long way.”